All About Massachusetts – What You Should Know

If you are like most people, probably the only thing you know about Massachusetts is that its capital is Boston. What you probably do not know is the state is considered, unofficially, the best state in the country. Why? Read below to know.

One of the reasons why it is considered the best can be summed up in two words: Martha’s Vineyard. A vineyard haven, the place is known for its red beaches and red cliffs, not to mention its rich residents. Aside from Martha’s Vineyard, though, you will also find Cape Cod, which is an entirely accessible seafood heaven dotted with seafood shacks, and beaches. And there are many other places in the state where you can find seafood restaurants and beaches. This isn’t surprising considering that it faces the Atlantic Ocean.

But did you know that aside from the beaches, you will find gems of history there? The Kennedys came out of Massachusetts and you will find many museums in the state that will show visitors a timeline of what the state has undergone through the years.

If you are visiting, though, do not limit yourself to the museums and the beaches. There are a ton of things that you can do while there. You can go shopping and go out clubbing. If you are the artistic kind, there are many art galleries that you can check out too. But what if you want to live there? How are the prices of the apartments and houses there compared to other states?

Well, the price of houses is comparable regarding price. We saw listings for houses that are priced over $200,000 with high-end properties costing over $1 million. As for the apartments, there are studio-type apartments that cost $2,200 to rent and then there are four-bedroom apartments that cost $2,600 per month. What this tells you is that the prices of rent can vary greatly.

If you are serious about moving to the state, the first thing you need to do is to check out the apartments and houses there. Of course, you should do it after you have decided on the city you are going to live in. The big differences in the rental prices can only be attributed to the fact that some cities in Massachusetts are more urban than others or have more places of interest.