A Guide To Eating Your Way Through Massachusetts

Every state has a food culture and Massachusetts is no exception. If you are looking for food finds in this area, it is important to have certain information available to you. Here is all you need to know to whet your appetite.

Boston’s Chinatown

This is where people go if they are in the mood for authentic Chinese food. This means that you should head there for sea cucumber, braised pork belly and things of that nature. If you are looking for Americanized Chinese food, like chicken fingers and crab rangoon, this is not the place to get it from.

Cape Cod

People usually head here for vacations with their families. It is a great place to go if you are interested in eating some of the best seafood around. Since you will be on the water, most of the items you will come across will be fresher than you have ever had before.


Many people do not venture to this place when they want to eat, but they probably should. The town’s Fields Corner area is home to a very large Vietnamese population and there are many restaurants around that reflect that. The only place you can find better Asian food in the state is Lowell.


This city, which is located just north of Boston, is home to a very large population of Brazilians. As a result, there are a number of churrascarias and rodizios in the area. In case you are unfamiliar with the cuisine, it relies heavily on grilled meats. Yes. This is every carnivore’s dream.


There are many towns in Massachusetts that have a bustling Hispanic community, but none of them is quite like Lynn. You can head here and find plenty of restaurants in the center of town that offer culinary delights with a Spanish twist. Whether you are in the mood for mofongo, chicharrones or some other treat, you will have no problem finding them here.

As you already know, every state is not the same when it comes to the kind of food that they have available. The great thing about Massachusetts is the fact that it is diverse, which means that people who are looking for foodie treasures will have no problem finding them. Basically, you can find something you like in this state, regardless of what kind of food you love to eat.